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Back Alley Imports brings in only the finest wines and libations from Mexico. Our partners were born and raised in Mexico and worked for years in the hospitality and alcoholic beverage industries where they attuned their palettes to the ins-and-outs of haute Mexican cuisine.

Cuna de Tierra

Tres Valles Vitivinícola

Cerveza Patito

Vinisterra Vitivinícola



    Valle de Guadalupe, a mere two hours south of the border, has a Mediterranean-type climate with varietals not commonly found in Napa Valley style wines.



    Coahuila has been producing wine since 1597 when La Hacienda de San Lorenzo was founded. This region is tucked away in the Sierra Madre Oriental with a great wine-growing climate.



    Centrally located Guanajuato is living a wine production renaissance. Dolores Hidalgo, the cradle of Mexican independence, now produces some of the best wines in region.



    The Mayan city of Balun Kanan, in the southeasternmost state of Chiapas, was conquered by Aztecs in the 1470s presumably bringing pulque know-how. With the arrival of the Spaniard and the stills, Balun Kanan became Comitán and eventually the agave sap was distilled into Comiteco.



    The “sister republic” of Yucatán has a long history of great craft beers; famous among them are Leon Negra and Montejo. Those brands were long ago acquired by large conglomerates and ceased to be artisanal in any way. Enter Cerveza Patito leading the charge in craft beer.



    Querétaro, a mere two hours north Mexico City, has a long history of wine-making. It is home to the winery with the most visitors per year.



    Tlaxcala, a small state east of Mexico City, is in the heart of the pulque-producing region with a wide availability of Agave Salmiana known locally as maguey pulquero.


  • CDMX

    CDMX is, as the chilangos say, la neta del planeta. Historically known more for its amazing food than its libations, all that’s about to change as chilangos turn their talents to craft beer and small batch distilling (gins!).


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The Back Alley Imports principals all grew up together in Mexico City at a time when Mexican wines were coming out of a long dark age. Highly taxed and with little demand, Mexican wineries struggled to keep afloat.


oving to the US in the late 80s and early 90s, the principals were surprised that Mexican food was limited to tacos and very little was known about Mexican beverages other than Jose Cuervo tequila and Corona beer.


exican cuisine is now recognized by UNESCO as an intangible Cultural Heritage. Along with this, we are making sure that recognition finally comes to its wines as well.

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